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Hull numbers.... again


Jul 29, 2020
Catalina 22 3603 Calumet Mi
I know this has been talked about before, but on my registration, my hull number is strange. WSZ160190689. Doesn't seem to conform to any of the Catalina hull numbers. The registration says it's a 1972. I'm guessing it's not correct, but I can't find any markings on the hull (in the usual places) to verify. It's definitely an older Catalina. Has the slide-out galley and the old-style front hatch, the pop-top, swing keel, etc. From all the Catalina 22s I've seen, it's definitely one. Just trying to figure out the hull number discrepancy.
May 23, 2016
Catalina 22 #12502 BSC
you have original sails?....if so what's on the main? maybe #689?


Jul 29, 2020
Catalina 22 3603 Calumet Mi
I will check. We've been busy working on the deck and the electrical, only really looked at the main sail in depth once to make sure it was servicable.
Sep 11, 2013
Catalina 25 6106 Lake Erie Metro Park
I had the same issue. I couldn’t find any HIN numbers on the stern but my paperwork stated “MCZxxxxxxxx”. After much wailing and knashing of teeth with the Michigan sec of state, it turns out it was an assigned HIN. Perfectly legal when it came to title transfer, registration, etc.
Sep 22, 2018
Hunter 216 Kingston

Your boat appears to be a Wisconsin “retagged” boat serial number 16019 built June 1989.
Sep 14, 2014
Catalina 22 Pensacola, Florida
Issued HIN s with third Z will contain numbers set my the individual state and may not have anything to do with year of manufacture etc. Clue if they used the hull serial number off the plate inside your transom in it would be if the you see that in the number. You can check with Catalina yachts on the date of production if you have the hull serial number. They will then tell you what the original HIN was that they gave the boat.
Jul 13, 2015
Catalina 22 #2552 2252 Kennewick, WA
+1 for @Jacktar-- once the state agency gets a hold of your craft, all bets are off. Washington State made a new rule recently and reclassified everything -- gave you a HIN of their choosing and now it's up to you to relabel and affix the new HIN. I put the new right next to the old and kept clean photos so if it ever came up at least I would have provenance of where she started....
Jul 11, 2019
Catalina 22 Lake Conroe, TX
We actually own a 1972 Catalina 22. There should be a small metal plaque screwed to the aft cockpit bulkhead that has the hull number on it. If your boat was built that early, it only has a hull number designation and not a serial number. If the metal plaque has been removed, then the only place I know that you could find the hull number it’s on the main sail.
Aug 16, 2016
Pacific Dolphin 24 Phoenix, Arizona
I'm kicking myself today, I had a chance to get Hull # 4326 for $600 complete and on a trailer this past weekend and I didn't go for it. It sold for $400 the next day. Who couldn't use another sailboat?


Jul 29, 2020
Catalina 22 3603 Calumet Mi
We found it. After cleaning up the interior the metal plaque was sitting on a shelf in the cabin. Serial # 3603