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How upset/concerned should I be that some of my large portlights are screwed in?

Apr 16, 2021
Hunter 340 New Bern
Believe it or not, neither I nor the stupid surveyor noticed this crude fix. The windows were reseated with black caulking and screws.
-- Could the cause have been hurricane damage?
-- Could leakage work its way into the fiberglass?
-- How much could this affect resale?
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Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
Believe it or not, neither I nor the stupid surveyor noticed this crude fix
Actually, nobody missed nothing.

This is how the windows are set in place in the factory to allow the DC 795 time to set when dealing with curved surfaces. Given the depth of the sealant (in cross section) several weeks are required. This is the factory installation on my 1999 H-310.

7.JPG DSC_19851.jpg

The screws on the fixed portlights are countersunk and covered with the black DC795 sealant. The screws on the forward fixed hatchlight are enameled black so as not to show.

Don't sweat the small stuff. The glass does occasionally spring small leaks and is easy to seal.
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Dave Groshong is correct on Dow sealant. Screws were used to hold the window invfor the caulk to solidify. Sometimes the screws were left in but taken out, holes filled with caulking. One thing about screws, make sure they are smaller than the actual hole to allow for room when the window changes size due to weather or the window can crack
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