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How repair nicks

Dr. D

Nov 3, 2018
Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 Herrington Harbour North
I have repeatedly made the mistake of leaning something up against the interior to find out afterwards it nicked the woodwork (see pic).

OK, how do I cover up the nicks? I'm not concerned with filling the nicks, just matching the color of the wood around each.


Jan 19, 2010
Catalina 34 Casco Bay
Any interior pieces available to be detached? If so, bring it to a furniture restorer and see if they can color match...
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
Unfortunately, the finish does not look like an oiled wood so repairs become a little tougher.

Check with your closest big box store and see what they've got in the way of small bottles of oil based light stain . Rub it on and wipe off in an inconspicuous area (if you can find one). Go real light to start as lighter stain always shows itself less than darker stain. Don't go for any kind of surface sealer as then you're getting into gloss matching which is even more difficult.
Jan 22, 2008
Hunter Catalina 400 PORT JEFERSON, NY
I cannot tell from the picture if you are missing wood or is it only dented and pushed in. If it is dented you can raise the wood almost to the original surface by covering the dent with a wet towel and cover it over the dent with an iron. The steam created by the wet towel will penetrate the dented wood and raise the grain. Good luck!

Alan J S/V Skol C400 #130
Dec 2, 2003
Hunter 260 winnipeg, Manitoba
I would look for a touch up kit from your favorite big box, wood flooring supplier or wood furniture repair place that matches. Should have a matching colour marker or two and a couple of wax filler sticks And possibly a clear sealer/finish.
something similar to this.

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Dr. D

Nov 3, 2018
Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 Herrington Harbour North
I think one of these methods will work. Thanks!


Jul 24, 2005
Beneteau 323 Manistee, MI
Good luck Dr. D
Hopefully the wood finishing process on your boat has improved since I bought my 323. A nick in the interior finish on my boat becomes a starting point for the tinted clear coat to start lifting around its perimeter.
Jan 23, 2021
beneteau 323 Corpus Christi marina
The 2004 323 I just got has veneer rather than “real” wood, so treating a nick would be different process.

Dr. D

Nov 3, 2018
Beneteau Oceanis 35.1 Herrington Harbour North
I inspected the nicks closer the other day. The wood beneath is light colored and the "nicks" are where the surface varnish was removed. (I'm guessing it is varnish.) So the wood was not damaged, only the thin surface coating was removed.