How many H23 owners still overnight/cruise?

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Sep 11, 2010
Hunter 23 Hudson
My son and I have spent a few overnights on our boat. We still use the single burner and the sink in the sliding galley. I added a flip-up butcherblock counter extension and a paper towel holder (My son actually made it in woods class). Our portipotty works great, but its a pain to empty, since we're on a mooring. I added a mounting bracket to the starboard side of the hull aft, for our grill. I've done a few other things inside to make storage of equipment, bedding, and cook/eating ware easier to organize.

I was just wondering if others still do mini cruises in their 23, or it's mostly used as a daysailer.

I've also done a lot of work on our trailer to get it ready to commute up to the Apostles. I've chartered bigger boats up there, but have not brought my 23. Any thoughts/concerns? Thanks.
Jun 28, 2009
hunter 23 Lake Hefner
We day sail only on ours but have also slept 5 (the Admiral and I plus 3 small ones) in it last year and will again this year. Granted it was at the slip so no cudo's for me for that. However, since I don't want to mess with the potty on the boat it works for me :dance:


Aug 1, 2010
hunter H240 island lake
We are a family of four (kids 6 & 8 ) and spend many nites on our H240. 3 nights is pretty good limit however we have done 5 usually on the hook. The apostles can be an interesting place to get a good nites sleep in a small boat. Seems like the wind and waves on some occasions may come from all directions simulataneously making a quiet anchorage hard to find. Try putting in at sand bay, Justice bay on sand island is very nice (watch for bears) if on land. Stawberry island usually works and stockton I is great if you have a northerly wind.


Mar 21, 2009
Hunter 22 North Creek, Bath, NC
We have an H22 and my thirteen-year-old son and I enjoy being on the hook overnight. So far the longest outing has been leaving the dock late morning, sail until early evening, anchor in some quiet creek just off the river that is our cruising ground. We usually wake up early, fish for a while, sail through the afternoon and return to dock by dinner. It is a great time to 'connect' with a teenager. So far, we have only taken Mom daysailing, but this fall she wants to go overnight.
Aug 5, 2009
Hunter h23 Dallas Tx.
I overnight 4-6 nights a month with my gf. We sail Saturday nights from 8-9 pm until 1-2am drop anchor, spend the night and sail back to the marina late morning. Sometimes its Friday nights and some times both nights. I let the swim ladder out for late night and earily morning swimming. We sail days when this Texas heat allows. We carry a thermos of coffee and breakfast snacks.
Oct 19, 2006
Hunter 27-3 Brownsville, VT/Mystic, CT
Regularly on 23.5

The Admiral & kids (15-yr old son & 12-yr old daughter) & I will frequently do 1-2 night cruises, with the occasional 5+ nighter. The 23.5 has a generous cabin down below. We will go on the hook & stay at marinas. We try not to go on hook more than 2 consecutive nights.
Aug 5, 2009
Hunter h23 Dallas Tx.
Bad_com_pany, we spent the night in the slip last Saturday night as we had no wind. I was told we needed a 4 cup coffee maker for the slip. I won't show her your boat with TV. lol, Charles
Jun 27, 2004
Hunter 25.5 Cocoa Beach, FL
Done it single-handed extensively for 10 years, the longest stretch was 16 days. I never trailer/launch with less than two nights planned. Two can go comfortably and this year there were three of us on a week long to the Dry Tortugas- that was difficult (to say the least).
Oct 3, 2006
Hunter 23 Philadelphia
I lived on my boat for 2 weeks last month. Only a few nights anchored out, mostly at the marina.
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