Hot interior lights...

Mar 3, 2008
Hunter 356 Lake Stockton
For years I have been aware that the recessed saloon headliner lighting fixtures become very hot after not much time. For whatever reason, this past weekend I got to thinking that, for several reasons, these hot lights may not be the best idea. Are there any replacement bulbs that fit these fixtures that wood generate less heat?
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Not familiar with those fixtures specifically but I think they originally had G-4 Halogen bulbs installed.. If so, these guys can help

Couple of things to verify when purchasing.. 1. wide voltage operation. mostly 10-30 volts, not just 12 volts. 2. Warm white color temperature Less, than 3500Kelvin starts to be fine, lower is better down to around 2800K. Higher than 3500K will start to look cold blue/white. 3. Check dimensions to fit into fixture. 4. Brightness.. look for above 90Llumens.. more is better but over 100 is going to be too bright.
I replaced all my cabin bulbs with LEDs several years ago and I am really pleased with the light output and the low current draw.

Edit: I splurged and put these
in main cabin for red underway at night..
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Nov 12, 2012
Hunter 34 Portsmouth
I, too, have replaced cabin light bulbs with LEDs. I am quite pleased with them. They provide more and brighter light for less energy and are not hot to the touch. I also replaced a running light fixture with an LED one.
Mar 20, 2004
Hunter 356 and 216 Portland, ME
Hi Doug,
Hope your cruise was fun! We just got back from our 2 week flotilla downeast - best sailing conditions we've had in years!
The lights indeed had halogen G-4s and there are several LED replacements. Use the warm white ones to get a warm cabin light that's really nice - and cut your power use by 80%. Make sure you get LEDs that regulate voltage and have interference filtering - they've come way down in price
Feb 10, 2004
Hunter 40.5 Warwick, RI
After testing several LED bulbs I have finally found one with which I am completely satisfied.

Weanas® 4x G4 Base 48 LED Light Bulb Lamp 3 Watt AC DC 12V/10-20V Warm White Undimmable Equivalent to 20W T3 Halogen Track Bulb Replacement 360° Beam Angle

These are under $2 including shipping. They are warm, wide voltage range, do not cause any interference for me, and they are about as bright as the 10W halogens. I know the "specs" claim 20W equivalent, but that is not my assessment. They also draw about 1.6W, not the 3W that is claimed.

These are G-4 two-pin base and they plug directly into most of my lights. I do have some lights that use a wedge base and I bought some PWB adapters and soldered these lamps to them. They work nicely.

Now we can have lots of lights on, not live in a dark cave, and not suffer a big power draw.