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HIN Number Location? Fantasia MkI

Mar 26, 2012
Adventure Yachts Fantasia 35 Vancouver, BC
Hi there...

I'm the new owner of what I believe is Fantasia 35 hull #45. This is a Mk I version.

I've searched all over, but for the life of me I cannot find the HIN number anywhere on the hull.

I have a reference document from the USCG where they provided the manufacturer HIN, but the boat had a later California registration (CFZ*****), that I was told indicated that California attempted to find an HIN without luck.

I emailed one owner who had a Mk II, and she told me theirs was on the starboard side of the stern. I checked there, to no avail.

If you have a Mk I, and you know where to look, kindly give me a hint. If I can located it, I may be able to avoid having to engrave a replacement into the hull!

There is a very old Auto-Helm self-steering wind vane, so I'm wondering if it's located under the mounts. My self-steering setup is very similar to the photo attached.


Jun 19, 2018
Fantasia 35 MKI Lady's Island, SC
Hi Ron - any luck with this? I just bought Hull #46, and am trying to re-up the CG documentation. Can't find the HIN, either!
Mar 26, 2012
Adventure Yachts Fantasia 35 Vancouver, BC
Hi “She Persisted”...

Funny you should ask that. I discovered it about 1 week ago!

I had her on the hard, and buffed the hull, and pressure washed the cap rail. Then I treated the cap and rub rail teak with oxalic acid bleach. Put it in the water about 2 months back.

I was working on engine issues, and sitting on the deck taking a break. Glanced down, and there it was! Sun was on just the right angle.

Look about 30 inches forward from the stern, in the top surface of the teak cap rail. It’s just a metal punch number stamped lengthwise into the teak. Just back of the forward support of my pushpit. The numbers are maybe 1/2 inch tall. It’s not blatantly obvious.

My spot reflects what another owner told me, but I’m being more precise in describing it.

Clean that area of the wood with soap and water first. Oxalic acid was amazing on the cleaned bare wood. It cleaned off years of moss, mildew and stains, that scrubbing wouldn’t touch. If in doubt, then use a flashlight on an extremely sharp angle, at night.

My number looks like it’s almost sanded away. You may have lost yours, if previous owners were fond of sanding and varnishing. The numbers are not very deep because teak’s pretty hard.

The other thing is they switched construction yards at some point, I think around MkI to MkII transition. That could be a factor on location.

Out of curiosity, what engine do you have? I’ve got the original Isuzu Picese 40hp and I’m looking for someone who can give me photos that I can compare with.

Jun 19, 2018
Fantasia 35 MKI Lady's Island, SC
Hi Ron -
Thanks! No sign of it (looks like many decades-worth of sanding), but I live in hope that it'll just jump out at me too, someday. In the meantime, I'll try the flashlight trick.

I have a MKI - she was re-powered in 2015 with a (not new) Perkins 4108.

Glad to connect with another Fantasia owner!
Mar 26, 2012
Adventure Yachts Fantasia 35 Vancouver, BC
At least your teak should be well maintained. Did it come nicely varnished?

I’m in Canada, but bought a California boat in Oregon. Because I needed to keep it in Oregon for a while, I needed OR stickers. Tricky if you’re not a resident. They’re suspicious because their stickers are way cheaper than California, so I guess there’s jurisdiction shoppers.

Because I was importing it across the border into Canada, I needed a totally clean trail of paperwork.

The State Marine board sent a sheriff over to inspect my purchase documents, and they paper traced the boat and then issued a new HIN. I had to engrave it on the stern. It was the same as the original HIN.

The boat had a prior USCG registration, so that may have helped.

I believe the pattern is: AYA0HHMMYY

AYA = Adventure Yatchs
HH = Hull Number
MM = Month
YY = Year

BTW coming up the coast, I was amazed at how nicely it took swells. We had some 12ft action, with 25kt wind, and it was totally comfortable.

Columbia River was another story, but that was my fault, not the boat!