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Help with terminology

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Oct 15, 2009
catalina 320 Perry Lake
What is the proper name for the piece hanging below the bottom of the hull that the propeller shaft goes through? With the boat on the hard and everything dried out is it common for the propeller shaft to squeak when turned by hand? Should there be some sort of a grease zerk there?


Jun 15, 2004
Islander/Wayfairer 30 sail number 25 Perryville,Md.
Don't add grease or oil.


Feb 14, 2005
Tayana 37 cutter; I20/M20 SCOWS Worton Creek, MD
Don't add grease or oil.
.... because grease or oil will make the inner plastic material swell and then the inside diameter will 'close down' and you will then have cutMORE bearing instead of a cutLESS bearing. ;-)


Feb 18, 2010
Bavaria Ocean 40 CC Forked River
Like the other said it's a cutlass bearing. There are grooves on the sides for water to get in and lube the shaft as it turns. If there is a lot of play when you shake the prop shaft then it needs replacement. Do not grease - it would defeat the design.

here's a few photos on the shaft and coupling mechanism that attaches to the stern tube that houses the cutlass bearing. This picture is one of a worn bearing but you get the idea.

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