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Help - Sabre rigging problem

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Bob Cushman

Subject: [Sabre Owners] Sabre rigging problem - Sabre 28 Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 14:23:28 -0400 We just suffered a failed port side stay that was caused by a failure of the wood in the bulk head where the steel plate ( anchor plate ) attaches in the cabin. It appears that the wood was rotted due to water seeping through the slot in the deck above. Has anyone else had this type of problem? What is the best fix for this problem? Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bob Cushman bobcushman@comcast.net

Bertrand Latulippe

Bulk Head

What a drag... It happened to a friend of mine as well. There was no alternative but to change the bulk head. Good luck!

Lee Hound

rotten wood at the chain plates

If you look into your owners manual for your Sabre, you should find the chainplates addressed. Sabre Yachts suggest that you seal the deck ports every other year and check regularly for leaks. I am always a little negelectant on this issue, and I find water seeping down along the bulkheads where the chainplates are fastened to. Once the wood has developed dry rot there is no way out but to replace it by laminating a new piece into place. You can laminate the new wood directly to the old wood and hull if you manage to seal the area before and let it completely dry. Lee
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