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Help Needed: Identify this Seidelmann

Apr 29, 2019
Seidelmann S25 Cedar Creek Reservoir
First time using this forum, I've found the communities that make up forums to be a wealth of crowd-sourced knowledge over the years.. looking for some of that now.

I need help in identifying my late grandfather's Seidelmann sail boat, Quiet Time. Posting photos below. Title is lost, but a registration inquiry tells me his boat is a 1979 Seidelmann ___ (no model name listed).. 19' in length. From researching this forum, it appears that this boat is a S25, but the name also seems the indicate the length.

Can someone confirm this is an S25? I haven't found a serial number look up application for Seidelmanns, does one exist? She has been floating in the dock for years w/o care, as you can see..


Apr 29, 2019
Seidelmann S25 Cedar Creek Reservoir
Got it - So likely a Seidelmann 25 from comparing the video/photos.. even though the titled length indicates 19'. Perhaps this measurement is at the waterline, not overall. Thanks Jon.
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Jul 10, 2007
Seidelmann 34 Atlantic Highlands, NJ
What are you looking to do her? Sail her or sale her?