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Help. Info needed re: Catalina 22

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I own a large trailer dealership in upstate New York. Have a customer wanting to trade a 22ft Catalina, motor and trailer as an even exchange for another trailer worth appx. $1500.00. We have always wanted to learn to sail, but no nothing about sailboats. Owner says boat is in excellent shape, been stored for the last 4 years. Can anyone tell me what to look for on a used sailboat (1983), and would this be a good sailboat for a beginner to start with? Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. At this point I am thinking for $1,500. I could always motor out, anchor, and just sit and listen to the waves splash. Thanks Chris


you've got a potential deal

Sounds good so far. Consider that a new outboard sized for a c-22 would run around $1500. It's a great starter boat to sail, a bit of a beast to trailer and rig, but I suppose you have your trailering techniques down. Check out a book from the library about boat buying/ selling. The list of what to look for can be quite long. At your price you don't need to be particular, and bargaining room may be small. View a few ads on this site to get a feel for the going rate of mid '80's c-22's. You might find that even if your potential boat does want some work you can spend a considerable amount before you exceed it's re-sale value.

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

See my answer in your "Ask an Owner" post

Check it out.


You're all set . . .

A cat 22 (1983) motor and trailer is worth about $4,000. Take it. Regards, Ted
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