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Hello and invitation

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Sep 14, 2010
Farrier/corsair F-27GS Gulf Coast US
As an introduction, I'm Tami, and although I have an F-27 trimaran, I'd like to invite ALL trimaran owners to the Nationals and Rendezvous being held at Pensacola Beach the first week of May, 2011. Whether you cruise or race, there's something for you.

quote from Bert Rice:


Planning for the 2011 Trimaran Rendezvous and Nationals during the same time
frame as the 100th Anniversary of Naval Aviation is underway.

The coordination of these simultaneous events offers us the opportunity to
celebrate the past and the present with sailing spirit. If you would like to see
the beginning - enjoy it now:

If you do not find Margaritaville Saturday night (possibly located up Soldier
Creek or Palmetto Creek, depending on the seasons) then you may discover the
parrot paradise on some shoal or sandbar in the bay itself. Hopefully all the
sailors will arrive on shore for the Pirate's Cove "Night on the Bar Party

Once you make it to the Maragaritaville Beach Hotel on Sunday and survive the
Welcome Party at the Land Shark,all you pirates and parrots have to do is race
to Juana's Pagoda for some pulled chicken and ribs on the deck Monday morning.
Then all you'll have to do is sail back to the hotel and secure your boats on
the beach across the street from the hotel (Rick Zern's backyard - he said
everyone can shower at his house:)). Get some sleep cause buoy racing in
celebration of the Ancient Art of War At Sea is on the horizon.

I heard some Wetas were sailing for silver as well - hope to hear something from
ya soon.

Shipmates, check the Pirates Cove website and at least enjoy the song if not the

Man your planning,
Not open for further replies.