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heads up on C22

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I just purchased a catalina 22 (my second). It's a 1985 model with the orginal owners manual. This boat has a marine head and holding tank. There's also a thru hull discharge and a pump-out deck fitting in the anchor well. The owners manual says nothing of this system. Catalina has not answered any e-mails I have sent. Is this a factory installed system? What is the size of the holding tank? Is this system an after market installation. The previous owner is the second owner of the boat and cannot answer these questions. Any help out there?

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

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Pretty cool! I don't think there are too many C22s with built in head systems. It was probably dealer installed, so if you can find out who the original dealer was, they might be able to supply you with a manual. You might also try calling Catalina directly, they're usually very helpful. Their number is 818/884-7700. As far as tankage, I can't imagine it would be much (5 gallons or so?) with the size of the boat. Remember, in waters within 3 miles (check with Peggie, our Head Mistress to confirm this) you must have the thru-hull discharge valve tied off with a wire tie or something of the like. LaDonna
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