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HAPS Poulsbo, Wa Rendezvous Sep 5-7 2014


Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Hello All,

A huge thanks to Stuart and Linda Scadron Wattles and Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt for their superb efforts as our hosts this past weekend at Poulsbo. The weather was perfect, the food delicious and plentiful, the murder mystery compelling, and the company was Hunter outstanding.

The time and energy that Stuart applied to this murder mystery was prodigious and worthy of our sincere thanks. On behalf of all HAPS we truly appreciate your time and talent. We are also sad at the untimely and heinous murder of Chuck (although a man not without fault) by his evil and wicked boss, 'Gibbons, may he rot.

Academy award nominating performances by Deb Valpey, Kerstin Hilton Ray Valpey, and Barb Rosenbaum were riveting and breathtaking to witness. Coming soon to a theater near you...

Attending were

Beverly Jane, Larry and Sue Tughan and guests Brian and Mary Scott of Too Cool Runnings

Cat's Paw, Dennis and Nancy Treat

Dolce II, Michael and Nancy Mariano

Dulcinea, Dave and Mary Weale

Grand Cru II, Chris and Jeri Webb

J Michelle, Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt

Laetare, Gary and Laurie Coykendall

Luna, Bob and Kris Ridenour

Maia Doran, Harry and Linda

New Shoes, John and Kerstin Hilton

Salish Mermaid, Duane and Gina Rubash

Selah, Stuart and Linda Scadron-Wattles

Sloe Tango, Ray and Debra Valpey

Starbright, Steve Stark and Barb Rosenbaum

Stella Maris, Jim and Vicki Carey

Vision, Bill and Val Sheehy

Wings of Gold, Mike and Ruth Murray

Yikes II, Ben and Emmelie Stewart

Of note were new members Jim and Vicky Carey...Welcome aboard and we are thrilled to have you and your boat is beautiful. Duane and Gina Rubash are also new members. Duane, I love your hammocks. Harry and Linda traveled with us this summer and we hope to see them again next summer as members. Their homeport is Portland, Oregon. Chris and Jeri Webb were visitors from Blaine, Washington.

Gary and Laurie Coykendall volunteered to host an October Rendezvous the weekend 17-19 at Brownsville along with Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt.

Brian and Mary Scott have graciously offered their home again for this year's election of officers Saturday November 22nd. I will publish the exact time and address later. This year's fare looks to be ribs and salmon. At that meeting we also have a silent auction so being useful objects that you would like to sell and raise money for the association. Subjects to discuss include next year's plans...rendezvous, where, when, who to host...go north again, take some time and go south? Or a combination.

Last night Ruth and I attended the VIP opening of the 2014 Lake Union Boats Afloat Show. While there we saw fellow HAPsters Brian and Mary Scott, Dave and Sue Garland, Dennis and Nancy Treat, Michael and Nancy Mariano, and Bob and Kris Ridenour. A blast from the past was Dave and Debbie Jones. They were long time HAPS members and for several years the Fleet Captain, relinquishing the reins to Gary and Laurie Coykendall in 2006. Gary held the post until 2011 when Ruth and I were elected. If any one is interested in a fully equipped 2002 460 Dave's 460, Wavesweeper may be viewed on Yachtworld and it is lying in Mexico as we speak.

It was fun to see Lawrence and Kim of Specialty Yachts down from Vancouver with a brand new H40 an H50. They are gorgeous boats. As the Annapolis Boat Show is the second weekend in October any new rollouts or news from Marlow Hunter may be announced that weekend so check the Marlow Hunter website frequently for updates. Lawrence, thanks for the tickets.

Robbie Robinson and his Signature-Yachts gang of Tori, Allan, and John were their typical friendly faces. He has two H36s under contract as we speak so I asked him to make the new owners aware of HAPS. Robbie mentioned a brand new listing, a 2009 H45DS that was titled in 2011 and is now available. He said it is pristine and very well equipped. Something like 121 engine hours and never been north of Port Townsend.

Again, Ruth and I so much enjoy your company. As the time to depart each rendezvous or show approaches we are saddened on the one hand but joyful on the other as we anticipate each future event.

Short and Long range calendar as we know it now

October 17-19 Brownsville, Gary and Laurie Coykendall , Bill and Jeannine Bramstedt hosting.

November 22, Annual Dinner at Brian and Mary Scott's home (no charge, association pays)

Feb/March Chart chat, Bremerton Yacht Club, Mike and Ruth Hosting. May have to find another venue as BYC will charge a rental fee.

June 25-28, 2015 Specialty Yachts Hunter Rendezvous. Telegraph Harbour Marina on Thetis Island. Check their website for registration details. This is a big deal that sells out early so get on board.

Signature Yachts will also have a June rendezvous so check their website for further details.


Mike and Ruth Murray,

HAPS Fleet Co-Captains