HAPS Kingston Rendezvous June 14-16

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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Ok folks, this is June 3 and our Kingston Rendezous is June 14-16. If the food is half as good as it was last year, prepared by the Scotts and Tughans, it will still be fantastic. Also June 14th is Flag Day. Who will fly the largest US flag?

Any reports from the "100 mile" Longbranch cruise?

It is hoped that Brian and Mary will have their new Hunter 40 at the rendezvous. Covert intelligence has it that the gold painted hull, red accent stripes, and graphics by Prism are, well, stunning.

For more info contact Brian and Mary Scott at scottlodge@comcast.net or Larry and Sue Tughan at LNSTTughan@comcast.net.

You will notice that I have two email addresses. My new email address is as listed, sailboat46@gmail.com. I will explain at Kingston.

Mike and Ruth Murray
HAPS Fleet Co-captains 2013
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