HAPS Chart Chat summary

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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
The annual chart chat held at Bremerton Yacht Club was another successful event and it marks the official, if waterless, start to the 2013 boating season. Of the various topics discussed the one that seemed to get everyone's attention was that of galvanic corrosion.

Yours truly passed around exhibit A demonstrating what happens when the boat's zincs are not properly maintained. Several years ago I began to notice a slight shaft vibration and immediately assumed it was a shaft alignment issue. Coincidentally I had a diver shortly thereafter clean the hull and he said that my zincs were gone and the tips of my three bladed propeller were severely degraded. I had the zincs replaced including the almost gone zinc in my bow thruster. The prop was unrepairable and was replaced by another three blade prop.

In addition to the replaced zincs I had a zinc also suspended from a fitting on the stern that is also properly bonded to the boat's bonding system. In the ensuing years I have had no further galvanic corrision issues. A final refinement to the suspended zinc on the stern was replacing that with an aluminum (anode). It has lasted much longer than the heavier and thicker zinc (anode) that I originally used.

Hanging a "zinc", whether it be zinc or aluminum, suspended from a cleat on the the dock or a stanchion on the boat is not sufficient. It must be bonded to the bonding system of the boat.

The next event is Bell Harbor 12-14 April. See previous posts here for details or contact Tom Hubbard at Thubbard84@msn.com.

Also, reservations have been made for at least 10 boats on C dock at the Bremerton Marina for our 16-18 August rendezvous. If you plan to attend please send $5 to me at 2660 NW Mt View Rd, Silverdale Wa or catch me at the earlier rendezvous.

Off to a safe and fun 2013 boating season.

Mike and Ruth
HAPS Fleet co-captains 2013
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