HAPS Blake Island, Wa., Rendezvous


Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
What a great rendezvous to start the season. Twelve boats showed. First off, a very special thanks to our hosts Kris and Bob Ridenour and Stuart and Linda Scadron Wattles. The organization and preparation were top notch. The food was as always delicious and plentiful and the geo-cache was much fun.

I think the fear of not getting a slip at Blake Island was the motivator for all boats arriving by noon on Friday. Four boats arrived Thursday night and placed themselves strategically in the basin so as to accommodate the rest of the crews. Kia Oro, with Kris. Beverly and Larry hopped over for the day Saturday from Harbor Island and it was nice to visit with them for a few hours.

A couple of us worked on successfully unjamming Dolce IIs mainsail. It had a fold which prevented the sail from unfurling. In this case as one person furled the sail in another person pushed the fold back into the mast...where the fold then did not pinch the sail in the furling slot. As the fold worked itself back into the mast the excess fold material was then furled correctly by using the "furl in" line. Once the sail was properly refurled it was able to smoothly and completely unfurl and refurl again. An illustration of one of the many benefits of our HAPS membership.

The ever talented Bob Ridenour split his time working on shaft packing nuts and the connections at the top of a mast.

The weather, though sunny and clear was a bit cool with the 20-25 knot north winds. Our hosts fortunately had secured one of the two semi enclosed fire pit shelters for all our gatherings. The fire and waterfront view provided the perfect ambiance for the weekend.

As one of the last boats to depart it was a pleasure to watch our boats clear the entrance and one after the other set sail. What is more graceful and pleasing to the eye than a Hunter under sail on clear day in the pristine waters of Puget Sound. And for the first time ever we successfully sailed (and drifted) all the way through Rich Passage. The three knot push was a major factor as we saw the wind direction needle make numerous 360s on the dial.

Akavit , Willy Eriksen and sidekick Dick

Dolce II, Michael and Nancy Mariano

Kia Oro, Kris and Beverly Loodus. Larry Schulz

Laetare, Gary and Laurie Coykendall

Luna, Bob and Kris Ridenour

Perspective, Rick and Ann Giles (and Australian shepherd, Cody)

Salish Mermaid, Duane Rubash, he singlehanded as Gina is recovering from knee surgery

Selah Stuart and Linda Scadron Wattles

Starbright, Steve Stark and Barb Rosenbaum (golden haired dog, Biscuit)

Too Cool Runnings, Brian and Mary Scott

Tiburon, Tom and Kersten Hubbard

Wings of Gold, Mike and Ruth Murray

And to review the upcoming schedule

May 22-25 No host Cruise to Longbranch.

June 25-28 Annual Hunter Rendezvous sponsored by Specialty Yachts of Vancouver, BC

July 26-August 2 South Sound Cruise. Hosts Steve Stark and Barb Rosenbaum, John and Kerstin Hilton

August 21-23 Langley, Whidbey Island. Hosts not yet identified. This will be the end of season celebration for Langley so they will have six bands on the new 200' x 16' pier from 12-9pm that Saturday

September 11-13, Poulsbo

November, the killer dinner at the Scott's lovely residence.

As one can see from the schedule we use all the waters of Puget Sound from Olympia, Washington to Telegraph Harbor, British Columbia. There is truly something for all.

HAPS, nice persons with nice boats having a nice time together.


Mike and Ruth Murray