HAPS Bell Harbor Rendezvous 12-14 April 2013

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Dec 20, 2009
Hunter 466 Bremerton
Despite south winds gusting to 25+ knots and 5’ rollers mid sound seven intrepid boats made the trip to Bell Harbor. Many, many thanks and kudos to Tom, Kersten, and Ryan Hubbard of Tiburon and Paul and Carol Jones of Brigadoon for their great preparation and hosting. Paul and Carol have a pair of the most mild mannered dogs in Puget Sound…Molly and Murphy. More than one admiral in attendance remarked that this was one rendezvous where they didn’t have to cook a single meal.

Many thanks also to Brian and Mary Scott of boatless in Seattle for bringing their Suburban to Bell Harbor and shuttling the various crews to and from Safeco Field and the Mariners game. Brian and Mary have their H33 for sale at Marine Service Center waiting to take delivery of their 2013 Marlow-Hunter 40. Mary delights in describing the solid hardwood decks, the excellent fit and finish, and Brian speaks of the giant cockpit, dual wheels and fold down transom. They hope to have the boat ready as early as the Longbranch joint HAPS/Hidden Harbor Yacht Club cruise over Memorial Day weekend.

Bob and Kris Ridenour of Luna joined us without Luna as they had items to sell at the Fisheries Supply swap meet early Saturday morning followed by a memorial service later that afternoon for a friend of theirs. Kris and Bob are long time dedicated supporters of a most worthy cause, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The funds raised are used for research to find a cure to blood cancers, for patient support, and patient care. Please support their fundraising by donating – any amount is great! . Again donations may be accepted through the following website. http://www.llswa.org/site/TR/Events/General?px=1586596&pg=personal&fr_id=1290.

Stuart and Linda Scadron-Wattles of Selah joined us for hors d’oeuvres on Brigadoon Friday, dinner at, what was that place Crabhouse something, lunch the next day and the game. Stuart entertained us with his many and clever accent impersonations. Next time he won’t have to impersonate being a sailor because he will arrive in his boat. Lol.

Dave and Mary Weale of Dulcinea sat very warm and very dry in his very well engineered aluminum hard top covered cockpit. His wipers work well too. His boat looked great after washing too. He shamed the rest of us.

Steve and Barb Stark in Starbright made probably the longest boat trip coming from Gig Harbor. Their graybearded lab, Roxie is a friendly and gentle companion. Steve showed me a very clever mod to his V-berth. He put the bifold doors on pintle hinges so they could be easily removed and then made a plywood filler piece that made the v-berth large enough for an adult couple to use. Barb made a nice cushion for it as well. Barb also made a canvas companionway cover. It serves as a privacy curtain but the outer solid canvas piece may be removed via Velcro strips to reveal a screen mesh. Again, very nice mods to an immaculate boat.

Gary and Lori Coykendall of Laetare were the last arrivals Friday night. They departed Brownsville about 1515, traveled through Agate Pass and once out from the lee of Bainbridge Island motored uphill all the way to Bell Harbor Gary said that the best he could do against wind and current was 4.5 knots. Their dodger saved them several times as solid water hit it.

Mr Steve007 of Belldandy joined us for the first time. We bantered back and forth several time on the Hunterowners forum about whether he should remove the hull striping from his boat or not. I opined that he should not as I had seen several other do that and I thought the boats without the Hunter factory stripes resembled shaved cats. Well, I am glad he refused my advice because his boat looks great.

Mike and Ruth Murray arrived in Wings of Gold. As usual I made the 7.5 hour drive from Coos Bay, Oregon to Silverdale Wa but this time I stopped at North Sails in Portland, Or to pick up a CDI roller furling system and a new 135 genoa for our daughter’s 1980 Catalina 25, Chariots of Fire. Prior to getting underway I had to remove a 20’ y shaped branch that was wedged between my prop and rudder. That was a 30 minute ordeal. On our trip across the sound there was a somewhat tense moment when during the 25kt winds and 5’ rollers Ruth asked me if I had checked the weather. I replied that my I-phone showed a picture of partly cloudy and 48 degrees. “Humph” Ruth said, “I will check NOAA. Did you know that there is a small craft advisory in effect right now?” I calmly replied that small craft advisories applied to craft 45’and under and since we were 46’ there was nothing to worry about. The rest of the trip to Bell Harbor was oddly silent. As we don’t get much time together with me still working in Coos Bay and Ruth in Silverdale we declined to attend the ball game and instead enjoyed a quiet anniversary dinner at Anthonys Pier 66. April 21 will be our 34th anniversary.
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