H 41 large saloon window resealing an some question

Feb 10, 2017
Hunter 41 Progreso
Hi to all h41 owners, my h41 top saloon window have been leaking and now is time to do it. I am going to take them off and to seal them again with 3m5200. And then fixin the rotten wood frame and install the new liner. My question is how do yo insert the liner inside the plastic holders that are all around. .?
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter 310 West Vancouver, B.C.
seal them again with 3m5200.
I know this will be repeated at least 100 times down the road but DO NOT USE 3M 5200 on hatch/port lenses.

1. 5200 will attack the acrylic lens.
2' If you ever have another leak, the old lens will not come out in less that 100 pieces and the FG landing can only be cleaned with the greatest of difficulty.
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Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
I would be careful using 5200. It is meant to be permanent...and while no one wants do the job again, you can do a lot if damage trying to take things apart next time.

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Jun 21, 2004
Beneteau 343 Slidell, LA
Try using Dow795 UV. Good stuff and will accommodate the thermal expansion of the acrylic lens & deck. Also, it will not affect/degrade the acrylic as will 5200. Understand that there is NO permanent fix for these acrylic deck lens, it will leak again. So, as others have advised, do not use 5200.
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Jun 1, 2009
Hunter 49 toronto
Hunter used 795 on all the original windows.
It’s ok, but not the best. It’s a lot cheaper than Sikafkex, which is exactly what you should use. You will need the sika primer as well.
I urged you to spend the extra few $ on Sika. The 795 isn’t as good.
Have you taken the windows out yet?
If not, I posted to the site on how to do this with little effort, and not cracking the plexi.
It will save you a TON of time.

Never, ever, ever point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot
Use 5200 on anything you can see through.
Feb 10, 2017
Hunter 41 Progreso
My window was all ready cracked on one edge. Now the mistake is done i glue that window with the 5200.s
The nice thing is that i do not want thats windows, in 3 years i never ever take off the sumbrella cover. Only for cleaning process. There is too much sun on the tropics. If i will still have any leak i will fiberglass that area, and then i will see if i will install a little hatches (were there are no ropes going to the mast)or maybe a dorade. The hard part was to install a new head liner inside. After two days working i manage to get a very good results. The only bad thing is that now the rest of the head liner look tired. It is a never ending maintenance story. If i take the windows out and close with fiberglass i will make a post here.