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Grampian 26 centerboard removeal help!!


Nov 18, 2020
Grampian 26 Hamilton
I'm almost finished rebuilding a G26 and the last project that should have been my first project is to rebuild the c/b. While trying to remove it, I removed the bolts on the bottom that hold in what I think are peices of angle iron and got them to vibrate if hit with a hammer so they are not rusted to the keel but the board still doesn't want to drop out of its spot. The c/b swings freely. Is there a through keel pin im missing or something of that sort?


Mar 27, 2018
Grampian any 26 Kingston
Hello... I'm afraid I haven't figured out how this forum works, can't see any answers here... But I'd really like to know how it went and how you fixed it -- I've got a centreboard that's been stuck so long nobody's even missed it (just bought my first own sailboat)