Get Your Free Amateur Radio License.

Sep 28, 2014
macgregor venture21 tampa bay

Get Your Free Amateur Radio License.

This is not a joke. No morse code required.
Step 1.
download the question pool.( all the questions and all the answers free.)
( or you can always google amateur radio study guides and manuals..some free some not)

Step 2. study questions/ take free practice test

step 3. find a free testing location.

(if there is no free testing sight close to you, fear not the max charge is 15$ check your local radio club for details )

step 4
join the maritime mobile net 14.300 mhz usb

Get radioactive today.
Oct 1, 2008
Catalina C-42 mkII Alameda
Morse code has not been a requirement for any class US amateur radio license since 12/15/2006.