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gel coat on Bondo?


May 30, 2018
Macgregor Venture 17 It is moored on its trailer
I have a 17' macgregor. It's a 1969 model. While looking over the boat, I noticed end grain of wood on the edge where the break-away is and also the very bottom edge. It might not have been totally kosher, but I used Bondo body filler (with hardener) to fill and smooth. It looks good and has original level. My question is: will gel coat adhere to it or is there some other paint that would work (or did I really screw up)?
Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Lake Martin AL
Both of the above posts are correct-ish. Bondo above the water line is okay on a boat that is meant to be rode hard and put away wet (like a Mac 17). But bondo will absorb water and swell so not a good idea on areas below the water line... but if you are day sailing only... it prob. doesn't matter that much and will not swell enough to do any real damage.
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Jul 23, 2019
MacGregor MacGregor 25 Monterey
Below water line or above, if the vessel is in a marine environment, condensation is going to rear it’s ugly head.