Furler for '1992 30T


Mar 25, 2018
Hunter 30T Lake Norman
I have run out of patience with my factory installed Hood single line, under the deck furler. I have tried most of the tricks that have been suggested to me and it still takes too much effort to bring back in. I would like to hear what furlers people have on their boats and how happy they are with them...and which to stay away from. At a recent visit to the Annapolis Show the Shaeffer system seemed like a solid easy system, but there are many others out there that appear just as good. Thanks,
Mar 20, 2011
Hunter 31_83-87 New Orleans
On my ‘84 H31 I had a harken mkII RF that worked well. Due to no issues with the Harken RF I now have a CDI Pro Furl 420 and it too is performing well. A bit larger than what I need but I picked up up the CDI in a boater resale shop for a good price. I’ve seen several posts on this forum by DrJudy B regarding RFs. Suggest PM to her and describe issues you may be having and obtain her input from a retired sailmakers perspective.

If you want to go resale shop method send me a PM and I can forward you the names of a few places I searched. Good luck.
Dec 1, 1999
Hunter 28.5 Chesapeake Bay
I replaced the Hood single line furler on my ‘86 Hunter 28.5 with a Selden Furlex 200 unit and it has performed well over the years. It was about twice the price of a comparable CDI unit, however.
Jun 8, 2004
Catalina 320 Dana Point
I have a 17 yo Schaeffer 2100 that has performed well but I had to replace the lower furling drum at 6 years because the early models had no holes to allow you to flush with fresh water, newer units do have flushing holes. Recently had to replace the upper swivel because the bearings were gummed up, my rigger said he's replaced a lot of lowers but only had to do a few uppers. This might not even be an issue in a freshwater environ.


Oct 13, 2008
Hunter 36 Hampton
Had the Schaefer 2100 on our ‘91h30T, worked well, but needed to add a halyard restrainer to stop chafing/wear of the jib halyard. Have Hood on the 2008 h36 and had a lower unit issue. Hood customer service was outstanding. Helpful and responsive.
Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
Hi Steve, unclear about your issue, but our 1991 boat came with a Hood double line furling system. Struggled with it for years until I finally discovered the problem. This Hood system always worked, just that under certain conditions it was very difficult to roll the genoa in, especially when the wind was up. It all had to do with how Hunter installed it originally. Before you throw the Hood out and replace it, check out my article that I wrote awhile ago and the fix that made it perform like the original champ.