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Forestay adjuster on h34

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I have recently purchased a Hunter34 with a B+R Rig. The boat had been raced by the previous owners. The boat has a hydraulic forestay tensioner which the former owners say was added after much reserch on the b+r. I would like to know if anyone has any informatation on this system.


Heard a story

I own a H34, 1984, race quite a bit and compete with 2 other sisterships out of my YC, and 2-3 others in near by harbors for the bigger regattas. Naturally we trade stories, and I heard a story about someone on the east coast who heavily reinforced the bow area back to the mast area, stringers, hull, deck, etc to take the pressure when pumping up the hydralic forstay to reduce headstay sag in heavy weather. I personally know of several boats that pumped up the back stay to much to reduce headstay sag and started hearing ugly noises from the hull. Unfortunately the did do damage trying or reduce sag. Supposedly this fortified boat was a hunter but I don't know what size. I would be interested in knowing how its working out, about any reinforcment, etc. email paulsails@il.freei.net BOL sincerely PJ
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