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Flying Fish hull repair

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Aug 4, 2013
Alcort FlyingFish Lake Champlain, VT
Hi. I'm in the process of chasing down leaks in my original model FlyingFish. When I flipped the boat over there is a missing trim piece that fit into a groove surrounding the centerboard box. Most of the screws are still in place. I'm trying to decide whether to just remove the screws and seal it with epoxy, or whether to cut a replacement piece out of something and screw it back in place with some marine sealant.

Does anyone have a picture of a FlyingFish hull bottom with this piece in place? Know what was it made out of? Anyone have a Flying Fish 'parts boat', with that piece still intact?
Thanks, Lee



Jun 27, 2006
Tartan 27' 1967 Nyack, NY
Google search: "flying fish sailboat".
There is some limited information out there.
From the pictures I'm going to guess that the piece (or pieces) that fit around the center board trunk were mostly sacrificial. On your boat they have been sacrificed already.
Probably easiest to replace with some hard wood like: Ipe, Teak, Mahogany etc.
Original piece could have been metal too.
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