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Flickering House Lights

Jun 19, 2004
Morgan M28 O/I Ocean Gate, NJ
+1 to Chris' reply. Cheaper LEDs have no built-in voltage regulator and therefore react instantly to any voltage fluctuation. You'd need an oscilloscope to pick up those voltage fluctuations.
May 23, 2016
O'Day 1984 23 Island Park, NY
Use an analog meter as digitals can be slow reacting to changes
Analog will definitely pick up more than a digital but will still miss many events that will make the led flicker... They're faster but still slow... A large but short dip will look like a tiny fluctuation... If nothing more reasonable works you might need to borrow agood oscilloscope to really see it... Old burglar alarm installers might still have a device they used to detect short breaks in the foil they lined windows with