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First sailboat

Feb 12, 2014
San Juan 24 North Carolina
I picked up a San Juan 24 from eBay last fall and started some work on her striped the hull bottom going to put barrier coat on her thinking about blue for the hull .im thinking about a trip to FLA.but the only time I got on a sailboat is the trip from Hampton VA. WERE I PICKED HER UP to New Bern NC.not to much sailing. Mostly motoring . It was a good trip took almost 4 days. So if anyone reads this and has some good pointers I sure could use them


Dec 7, 2012
Kittiwake 23, Irwin 43 .. Indianapolis / indianatown, fl

1st, I want to say hello and welcome to the sailing family...

2nd, if you have not taken lessons, or have an old salt who can sail with you, find one and get your lessons....

3rd, you got yourself a good looking sailboat there... pick your projects for it, and do not hurry them... do not do to many projects at 1 time... finish your current project before you start another one...

4th, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...

5th, plan small trips to begin with until you know your boat a lot better, and know what she is capable of...

6th, ask questions, ask questions, ask questions... the only dumb question is the one you did not ask... this site has much knowledge and experience, use it, draw upon it...

have fun and welcome to the sailing

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