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Feb 14, 2017
Catalina 310 211 Lake Guntersville, AL
All add some late updates from our first race when the wind was dead, but the temps were great! The sunrise on our first race, semi long distance race with if I recall correctly was a start time of 9 AM and a finish by 5 PM. Just my daughter and I on this brave new step and we just wanted to have fun and enjoy a long day on our trusty old 1976 O'Day 25
We forced our big old drifter out on the pole and rigged our main with a preventer to get ever wisp of a breeze to stay mid pack and make it under the bridge. This was a big step in our sailing and included a ton of first including 3 head sail changes while moving and having a deck with a 150 jib ready to rig. I love my girls serious game face and her attention to keeping our sails full was just a proud Dad moment.
The finish line was adjusted so we had a great sit back and relax cruise into the marina. A few jokes were made about our folding umbrellas adding additional sail area to allow our 2nd place finish in the non spin class! They also severed as excellent indicators of gusting conditions since they would completely blow out backwards as we approached hull speed too. My best day ever with my daughter and a memory we will always have. And yes the 'crew uniform' was matching caps, sun glasses and vests, next year we will add shirts! Of an the cool trophy has a place of special honor in my girls room on her shelf!

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Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
Do Mariners of this vintage have self bailing cockpits?
Yes. Mines a few years near, but the self-bailing cockpit is an issue discussed incessantly on the association forum. The scuppers are small and people come up with unique ways of clearing them or modifying them. My plan is to remove mine and drain into the CB trunk. I want to put batteries where the scupper pipe and thru-hulls are now.

-Will (Dragonfly)
Oct 2, 2008
Island Packet 31 Brunswick, Ga
It’s been a while since I logged on, and even longer since I had my o’day 26 “my girl”.I see the names have changed but the enthusiasm has not. I sold “my girl” years ago, When we decided to move a board and island packet 31 and live the cruiser lifestyle. Now that is over but I look back fondly on all the friends I had made on this forum. Here’s a photo from that time. Especially suitable for July 4. Fairwinds!
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