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Fantasia engine swap?

Mar 26, 2012
Adventure Yachts Fantasia 35 Vancouver, BC

I’m looking for someone who has seen an engine swap on a Fantasia.

I’ve got a badly leaking rear crankshaft seal. I need to pull the transmission and then the flywheel, to get access to the seal.

It’s been suggested I should be able to slide the tranny and shaft back by about 6 inches, which should let me in.

The engine has 2 motor mounts, with two more on the tranny. If I separate engine and tranny, the rear of the engine will drop into the bilge. I have a chain hoist to support it, and let me adjust height to get the spline shaft back together when complete.

Catch is I don’t see anyway to place the hoist that can support that kind of weight safely. The cabinet is strong, but 650 lbs? I suppose I could hang from the boom, but that would mean adding a hole in the cockpit floor, or cutting the hydraulic steering lines. Rather extreme, given the winter rain in Vancouver.

Any suggestions or photos would help. I’m supposed to vacation in a month.

I’m starting to think they built the boat around the already installed engine!


Aug 12, 2014
Hunter 31 (1983) Pompano Beach FL
Someone in a previous engine/shaft removal post had a brilliant idea, that I have not tried yet. He suggested placing a deflated basketball under the engine, and then inflating it until it lifted it up.

Just in case you are lifting the engine for the first time. Attach a line between the two winches on the companionway sides and then to the engine. Put a basketball below the engine (closer to the transmission). Inflate the basketball while stabilizing the engine with the line. Once you have enough clearance to remove the shaft fix the engine in place, remove the basketball, work on the shaft, then just drop the engine in place. Good luck.