Ericson 27 V-Birth expansion and other projects?

May 20, 2019
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Hi All,

I came into good luck and landed a very, very, very cheap Ericson 27 1974 in great condition. It will be my boat for the next 6 or so years before I upgrade to a 40 foot something or other. Until then, I am wondering, has anyone done any interior renovations to make the v-birth longer? My thought is moving the entire head aft about a foot and removing the hanging locker on port side altogether, thus extending the entire v-birth after by a foot, and reducing overall settee length on the startboard side by a foot. I really haven't thought super super deeply into this, but am surprised I am not able to find any overhaul of the interior's specifically for E27's. My previous boat, a Macgregor 26x, has a plethora of major interior renovations. Is it simply not doable on the E27 for some reason I am not thinking of at this point? Or is it just silly considering the typical person would just upgrade to something bigger for relatively cheap instead of renovating a little E27?

Thanks in advance for insight. Really surprised I haven't been able to find anything on this topic. I haven't even found anyone doing little projects. Like adding an additional port hole or hatch in the v-birth so it's not quite so cave like. Just for example. Seems a dearrth of projects on the E27's and that can't be right! I love project ideas!

Nov 8, 2007
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Sounds like a doable idea to me. And a good one!

My one caution is to check the location of the compression post and supporting framework. I would not think of moving the bulkhead that incorporates our compression post. The whole structure is critical to supporting the mast, and maintaining hull shape.

(Our compression post is about 3 feet aft of the v-berth. The head occupies the space in between. But I don’t know the layout Of your boat.)

Just checked drawings of your boat here: - ERICSON 27 Sailboat

Looks like the compression post us aft of your project. It also looks like you could incorporate the forward hatch in your expanded v-berth to give it light and air.
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Sep 25, 2008
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Had an E27 long ago and my memory is that this bulkhead is structural meaning both the mast step (and compression post) and the chainplates determine where this bulkhead is located. Simply looking where the mast is stepped isn’t a determining factor in itself.

I’m not sure a foot buys you much in that head as there still wouldn’t be space for a shower.

Plus the salon where you spend far more time below would be smaller.

It’s a well designed and solid boat. If anything, I’d expand the engine space and put something bigger than a 11HP motor in there.
May 20, 2019
Catalina 36 MKI GIG HARBOR
Probably explains why I can't find any big interior changes including the bulkhead. Was really hoping for a bigger V-Birth only because the boat landed in my lap. But I'm pretty happy with it as is. It's a huge upgrade from my MacGregor...of course.

I wonder about installing an additional hatch over V-Birth though. Seems like a small one on the incline just forward for the hatch that is there now would be nice. Or maybe even some small port holes on starboard and port bow, for airflow. Nothing like ocean breeze and crab farts while you sleep afterall.
Apr 8, 2010
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I believe that all of the structural parts like the bulkheads are... "structural". These were designed for ocean sailing by a NA.

There are a lot of owners sailing this model. Ask your questions over at the owners' site, at