Ericson 25+ hull 655

Apr 5, 2020
Lightning, Melges 19 Shelby Twp, MI
I was the original owner of this boat. Purchased in 1982 but it’s an 81 my. I bought it in Harrison Township, MI (Lake St. Clair). Traded it in to a dealer in Bay City. Anyone know where this boat may be?
Nov 22, 2011
Ericson 26-2 San Pedro, CA
Thanks Alan, I have not. I wasn’t really looking for the boat I just came across this and was curious
I mention the EYO list because I know there are participants who own the 25+ and might know others in their network. Worth a shot.

BTW: My E26-2 is an evolution of the 25+. Same hull, very similar interior, and mostly the same deck and cabin top layout.