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Elvabro Deck Passage Cableport - Thread size

Apr 2, 2021
Hunter 38 Ft. Pierce
On my boat in front of the mast is a metal box-like cover to pass cables down into the cabin ceiling.

Its an Evabro Cableport.

I'm missing the two retaining nuts that hold the top cover to the base and can't figure out the thread size.

Can anyone help me out?
Apr 2, 2021
Hunter 38 Ft. Pierce
Lol thanks I was hoping someone had gone down the same road. Stainless acorn nuts are 1.20 at ace. Cheaper per each at McMaster Carr but have to buy 25

pretty sure they are m5 - 0.8.

Have not seen whitworth in decades

Useful link for those among us masochistic enough to work on old British cars and cycles (not me anymore whew!) Convert,compare all Imperial tool,nut,bolt and spanner sizes to metric.
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