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Electrical & Plumbing Diagrams Hunter 34

Jan 13, 2015
Hunter 34 Deep Bay, BC
Does anyone have good copies of the wiring and plumbing diagrams for a Hunter 34? I recently bought a 1983 vintage, and have copies but they are many times photocopied and hardly legible.
Dec 14, 2003
Hunter 34 Lake of Two Mountains, QC, Can
Welcome aboard!

Here's the plumbing and wiring diagrams from the H34 owner's manual...
Welcome to the 34 club SabreTooth. Dan just uploaded the original diagrams and it should be of some help for how things were...32 years ago. Previous owners more than likely made changes and it could very be that the diagrams of 32 years ago are not appropriate to your situation. You'll probably need to do some digging to find out how you new-to-you boat is set-up for electricity and plumbing. Good luck and once again welcome.
Oct 14, 2005
1983 Hunter H34 North East, MD
Amen to Claude...

I had to make changes in what previous owners had done to make the boat safer and better breaker protected.

Expect differences!