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ECU lost comms with CCU

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Oct 27, 2013
Bavaria Cruiser 40 Rouses Point
I am getting that error message on my brand new GHP 12 that was factory installed by Bavaria. I have called Garmin and they have sent me a new network cable. The intent is to connect that new cable to see if the cable is creating the error or if they need to send a new ECU... The CCU is showing a green led so we are supposing its working well. The ECU is flashing a red led flash. The cable connect to the CCU via a big red connector on one end and the ECU on the other via a purple connector. It also has a Y cable with a bunch of smaller loose wires. I do not know what to do with these wires... It seem they are designed to connect to other ancillary function (like the rudder position sensor)

Will the autopilot function without these wire being connected? I am trying to save time troubleshooting this...

Anybody else has experienced the same thing? Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this?
Not open for further replies.