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Deck Pump Out adapter

May 2, 2012
Catalina 310 Toronto
I've been looking for a Deck Pump Out adapter for may Catalina 310 (2003). Here is a picture below of what it looks like.
AN UPDATE: ..........SEALAND NOZAll PUMPOUT ADAPTER 343503 1 1/4x 11.5TPI. This is the one that fits my boat.

2 Old Pirates
Toronto, Ont. Canada
DeckPump Adapter.jpg
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May 20, 2016
Catalina 36 MK1 94 Everett, WA
My marina gave me one for free earlier this year. The fuel guy come over with several and tried them till one fit. Didn’t ask for my slip # or ask if I had one there.

Jul 12, 2011
Catalina 36 1771 Ft Pierce, Florida
I bought a SeaLand one from Defender because our yacht club had no adapters. It's a well-made product, and makes a good seal when travelling. Much better than the foam cone that some marinas use. There are three standard sizes, and the Defender site shows how to measure properly. Counting the threads per inch is a pain, but not difficult.

If you're thinking about your car, e.g. "all 2005 Chevy Malibu's have this door handle", it will not work for a couple reasons. (1) There is little liability for minor parts on boats, unlike autos, so they do not track things as closely. and (2) Boat manufacturers have much less volume than auto makers, so things change. Only a thousand "production" boats are made annually by Catalina - less than a day's run for Chevy. Many minor boat parts such as this are installed based on "whatever is in the parts bin that day". I suggest that you review the following and determine the size for your own boat.
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Oct 25, 2011
Island Packet IP31 Lake St. Louis, Montreal
I think Parsons hit the nail on the head. We have 4 friends with CS30s (and an additional who has sold his) and every boat is different in many details.