Deck core and chain plate repair

Jul 31, 2010
Hunter 37 Muskegon, MI
We are getting ready to replace core material in the deck on our 1990 Hunter Legend 37. The repair area is going to impact at least two panels (non-skid areas) on the starboard side at the chain plate. As this project could take us a little while, I have a couple of questions getting started.

1) Is anyone aware of any potential issues with the boat shape changing in the cradle over time with the deck skin being removed?

2) Is there any documentation for the chain plate assembly available? Ours is leaking through into the salon, and it would be ideal to see how the repair at that location will need to be addressed before cutting.


Oct 8, 2012
Hunter 38 Henderson, nc
Are you repairing from the inside? Leaving deck in place - I would think the deck will maintain the shape.
Jul 31, 2010
Hunter 37 Muskegon, MI
Unfortunately we are having to make the repair from the outside due to its location.
May 17, 2021
Hunter Legend NC
does anyone know if it is difficult to inspect chain plates on a 1987 37.6? Are they easy to locate inside the boat. I am getting ready to buy her and I am trying to get educated prior to the sale. Thanks
May 20, 2020
Hunter 30 Nelson BC
More expert opinions no doubt exist, but with that caveat... One would presume reducing tension on your running rigging will be required for this repair, and that should also reduce horizontal pressure on the top deck where the repair is being undertaken. In addition, ensuring the cradle is aligned with the boat's recommended lifting strap placement (marks for lifting on my Hunter are just under gunnels) would be advisable, as they tend to be where internal bulkheads and other structural supports are located. Lastly, consider placing more/additional boat stands under various locations on the hull, to spread the boat load over multiple locations, not just the two cradles? Thanks for the amateur Physics thought experiment...