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DC Phillipi Circuit Panel Breakers

Nov 19, 2017
Bavaria Bavaria 40 North Hero, VT
Does anyone in the Bavaria sailboat community know where one can find individual circuit breakers for a Phillipi STV 316 panel? I think I have a bad breaker as it keeps tripping as soon as the rocker switch is turned on. When I move the connected wire to a different breaker, this does not happen, so I know there is no short in the wiring or the unit attached to the breaker spade connector. I have checked the wiring attaching to the breaker as well.

My research seems to show only the original manufacturer in Europe as being a potential source, but without any pricing information available on their website.

Thanks for any assistance and information.


Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 37-cutter Richmond CA
@Jeff Tirey I can't pull up the picture. The reason I am following up on this is because your problem mirrors issues I have had with my panel, albeit I have American made components. The fact is that these breakers are all manufactured by companies such as ETA, Schneider, Sensata, Carling etc. and are typically readily available if one can just get a part number. In the case of my 40 year old panel I was able to find parts to replace bad breakers and also to add new circuits. Feel free to PM me with picture if you wish