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D2-55 Transmission issues

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Dec 23, 2011
Bavaria 36 Mystic
I've got a D2-55 Volvo sail-drive in my 2005 Bavaria 38 Cruiser. Lately, when coming into the dock (at slow speed) I've had difficulty shifting out of gear and into neutral. I don't see this problem while motoring at open-water speeds. Anyone else have this issue or suggestions on the cause and how to correct.


Oct 1, 2008
Bavaria 36 Cruiser Nanaimo, BC
Not Sure if this will help

On my Bavaria (different saildrive than yours), when my shifting got stiff, I tried spraying some lube (sail lube) inside the binnacle on the shifter arm mechanism. I also took apart the outside of the shifter and sprayed in there as well. I then worked the shifter back and forth to try to help "spread the lube". It seems to have helped.
Good luck,
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