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Covers and the Plastic Boat....

Sep 5, 2018
Hunter 170 Northfield, NJ
I made an observation the other day.

During the winter I had a grey cover on my H170 and noted the round area where the grey cover touched the plastic was fairly hot in like 40 degree temps but cool where it was not touching. A large heat differential is not a good thing. It was also in an area with more cracking.

The other day I was at the yacht club in the 90 degree day full noon sun. The plastic was cool to touch.

I think a non white cover is a bad thing for these boats. I do not plan on using the cover this winter. I might see if I can get some of that white plastic to seal it.

I was sailing my 170 for a couple of hours with my boys Sunday. Had my 15 year old take control, he had no problem. I have been practicing my tack an gybe on a Sunfush. I am much more comfortable controlling the boat now. Also bought another sailboat, an Opti for my 10 year old. Two more boys that know how to sail, guess that is not a bad thing.
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