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Compression post repair

Apr 10, 2017
Seidelman 37 Kemah, TX
Just looked at a 37CC. It seems the top of the compression post is about one inch low. The forward head door has a very uneven gap at the top and the v-berth door will not close because it is rubbing against the door frame at the top. I can see the bottom of the compression post through a very small access panel in the floor but there is no way to reach it or work on it.
Any thoughts?
Mar 26, 2017
Irwin 38 Palacios
Sounds to me as if the boat has been wracked (twisted). this could have been done by collision or heavy wave action. I nearly bought a Catalina Morgan 50 that this has happened to (heavy wave action during storm). you might want to check in the hull compartments at the bow and stern for de-lamination of fiberglass layers or de-tabbing of stringers or braces, both port and starboard. The Catalina I looked at exhibited both as well as your symptoms. there was not a compression post, mast was keel stepped, but the mast was off to one side in the through the deck hole.
Apr 10, 2017
Seidelman 37 Kemah, TX
There is some obvious water damage at the bottom of the post. The post seems to be boxed in in the wall between the salon and forward cabin. I was looking for some information on what the post is made of and how it is supported on the bottom of the boat. Is there a way to get to it? Hoping there was someone with a 37 that had some detailed info. This surely isn't the first one with that issue.
Mar 18, 2019
Irwin 32 Corpus Chiristi, TX
Very serious job. I assume you already no, it can't be sailed without that repair.