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Composting head in a Mac


Aug 4, 2016
Macgregor 25 Virginia
Hi, y'all!
Anyone out there in Mac land have experience with composting heads aboard a Mac? Specifically, a Mac 25. Mine is a 1985.

I've looked at the 3 major brands but I think that C-Head is the only one that makes a model which will fit into the Mac 25's designated head space. I built a cardboard mock-up per their online directions.

Your thoughts on this very "fascinating" topic.


May 5, 2018
Macgregor 25 Home
I looked at those also, but decided the expense didn’t really warrant buying it. would depend on your use, but I figure I’d be on the boat a few weekends at most, so the portapotti would do. There’s a sewage/sanitation forum on this site that might give you more insight