Charge Light on all the time when engine running

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May 21, 2004
Hunter 31_83-87 Milwaukee South Shore Yacht Club
While on a two week cruise, the Charge Light on our Yanmar engine panel came on and has been on ever since when the engine is running and the key is on. We checked the output of the alternator, the IC regulator and the isolating diode. All are okay.

We checked for AC output on the DC circuit as suggested in the Archived post we found here. None found.

We followed the trouble-shooting flowchart in the Yanmar engine manual for the 2GM20F in our 1987 Hunter 31. It had us check those things and the continuity of two wires going to the Charge Light.

We haven't made any electrical changes this year.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks................Marybeth & Rip.
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