Centerboard pendant

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Nov 28, 2010
O day 25 Nyack. New York
My Oday 25 has a wire spliced to rope center board pendant. The part in the cockpit is 7/16 line which is easy on the hands and the underwater part is 1/8" stainless wire. Has anyone used just rope? There are lines today as strong as wire. Anyone try this ?
While I'm asking- does anyone have an easy way to clean paint out of an old phillips screw head so I can get my centerboard brackets out?
Erniie Schlesinger
May 31, 2004
Catalina 28 Branford
No need to use wire spliced lines anymore. Since the advent of affordable no-stretch line, there is no need to put up the the splices, meat hooks, expense and hassle of those old dual material pendents and halyards. I have used an all line pendent on my Oday 23 for years; the shackle failed long before the line needed replacement.

Rudy at D&R Marine sells a direct replacement shackle/line set for your boat. When replacing my line a few years ago, I shopped around for the somewhat oddly shaped shackle necessary for the pendent, and found Rudy's deal to be quite cost-effective; not to mention convenient.

Changing the line itself is actually very easy if the boat is out of the water. Here is a brief description of the method I used. Feel free to ask for more details.
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