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catalina 350 marine toilet

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Jun 7, 2004
Beneteau Oceania 45 Charleston
Peggy, can you give me any advise about my toilet not working. It is a newport electric model. intake works fine but discharge doesn't. don't think it is a clog but could be. I don't quite understand about a possible impeller malfunction and the cotton pin. can you help? Thanks
Dec 2, 2003
Catalina 350 Seattle
Your Pump Impeller isn't moving

Did you look at the link I provided on the other thread on this subject? I've copied it here again. Your pump impeller isn't spinning - because the cotter pin either is missing - It broke or was never installed. The missing pin allows the motor and shaft to turn without turning the pump impeller - which empties your bowl. The link provides some instructions and picutres on how to access the shaft and impeller, and specifics about what replacement cotter pin to buy. Good Luck! Tim Brogan April IV C350 #68 Seattle
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
Tim seems to have identified the problem...

And told you how to cure it. The exploded diagram for the Newport is here: http://www.wilcoxcrittenden.com/sanitation/electric/newport.asp?bid= Scroll to the bottom of the page to get to the parts list and diagragm...it'll come up in a popup window...maximize it, then click on the drawing itself to enlarge it further. Part # 28 on the diagram is a macerator blade, but there is no part #28 on the parts list. Since Thetford-Norcold bought W-C, getting to anyone who's actually at W-C and can offer any tech support has become d'd near impossible for anyone who doesn't have the direct #...which I just happen to have: 401 846-1679 The people at W-C have admitted there have been a lot of problems with the Newport...even they don't recommend it. I'm not sure whether they're due to a design problem or quality control issues during mfr'g, but if they can't recommend it, I don't. So go to the link Tim gave you...his step by step instructions and photos are pretty complete...and also give W-C a call at the # above to ask 'em about the missing macerator blade (part #28 on the drawing) and how to install it correctly. Tim, I'd like to have everything in the link you provided for my files..not a bookmark--archived posts on sites tend to disappear for various reasons. Any chance you could put it into a document and email it to me as attachment?
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