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Catalina 315 Refrigeration compartment air flow?

Nov 8, 2011
catalina 309 New Bern, NC
Are there any air flow openings in the compartment where the refrigerator is? I am told the refrig is a Isotherm Elegance 85. That company wants air flow in and out but perhaps it works ok without the flow. (I ask this because i am buying an older 309 and Catalina tells me the same refrig can be used in both, yet there are no openings in the compartment for the 309 (apparently having the same compartment dimensions)
Jun 4, 2009
Catalina 309 Swantown Marina Olympia, WA
Go in to the locker behind the refer and if I remember correctly from my C309 the air flow comes from the back end of the refer. You may have to climb into the locker to get a good view. Good luck
Nov 8, 2011
catalina 309 New Bern, NC
No, the back of the refrig compartment is solid... no openings there or to left or right.
Mar 20, 2007
Catalina 355 Kilmarnock, VA
When I owned my 309 hull #14, I had problems with the fridge compressor overheating, as there was no provision for airflow behind it. I cut an opening in the bulkhead between the fridge compartment and the port cockpit locker and installed a louvered vent. Worked well for years before I sold the boat.