Catalina 28 mkII, spinnaker sheet winch placement

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Dave Groshong

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Jan 25, 2007
Catalina 22 Seattle
Does anyone have any recommendation for placement of spinnaker sheet winches on this boat? Also, placement of spinnaker sheet turning blocks?


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
as far back as possible....

put the turning blocks as far back as possible. Most sailors will shackle a block to the toe rail or a padeye as far aft as they can. Remember that you will need to rig a "twing" (which is like a floating jib lead block) for you to maximize trim. The secondary winches can be just about anywhere. I have a pair of Lewmar #7 single speeds on the coaming a couple feet behind the primaries. I'm looking at a picture of a C28 right now and see plenty of room on the coaming just behind the primaries. Until you get the new winches installed you can use the primaries but you might want a small clam cleat to secure the spin sheet while you load or unload the jibsheet from the primary. You could also use the halyard winches for spinnaker duty. By locating the lead blocks all the way aft you have many options for running the spinsheets anywhere in the cockpit. When single handing with my asymetrical up, I have run the sheet to the leeward primary with one turn, then cross cockpit to the windward side so I can sit on the rail, steer and trim the chute at the same time. You'll find that when running the spinnaker you will very rarely cleat the sheet so I wouldn't waste money on self tailing secondary winches, single speed 7 or 8's should be enough. On my C27, I don't use the winch handle that much, but a few turns around the drum make it much easier to trim by hand.
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