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1. Looking for articles on how to tune the Capri 25 or other info on this boat that was manufactured in the 80's. 2. Fleet locations 3. Owners group,etc.

LaDonna Bubak - Planet Catalina

Capri 25 One Design Assn

Phwew! Took awhile but I finally found it! Check it out at Good luck! LaDonna


25 owner

all tuning info is available from catalina. i have tuning info for 1980 capri 25. email


Capri 25

I too have a Capri 25. It's a great boat and another owner and I are thinking about making a capri 25 homepage with owner registration. We are located in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and have 5 Capri 25's. 4 are active in racing. The WYC page is great also, I've exchanged e-mails with Dallas several times. We here in Texas are trying to accomplish the same things they did in Minnesota. Send me a e-mail and we can discuss sails and rigging. or

Jim Murphy

Capri 25 360 wobbly rudder

I race a Capri here in Oriental NC( Pamlico Sound ) The rudder shaft i9s wobbly and is able to turn a full 360. Have you any experience with this ? Is putting stops on the rudder practical ? What do you think ? Murph
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