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Capri 22 Trailer Fin keel Trailrite

Nov 20, 2015
Just purchased a used trailer for a Capri 22 and found out Trailrite is out of business as of October 31, 2015. I need a new the bearing kit and I don't know what size the bearing kits are... Already called Catalina Parts and they have nothing on file. Trailrite will release nothing. I've no paperwork... I in one city and the trailers in another, just trying to get it legal and safe for the road. Anyone know or have any further details on this trailer for Capri 22's?
Thank you.
Jan 22, 2008
Catalina 310 278 Lyndeborough NH
Fortunately, trailer bearings and hubs are quite standardized. You can disassemble the hub and measure the axle or bring the hub into a "trailer shop".

The axle/bearings are rated by maximum load capacity per axle or wheel. Each has a distinct set of dimensions.



Aug 10, 2012
WD Schock Wavelength 24 Wallenpaupack
Oh that's my problem, I am thinking triad trailers... sorry confused trail-rite with triad, although I do find several trail-rite trailers places online.

hmmm, but yes try trailerpartsdepot.com for parts.