Capri 22 owners association info.

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Bryan Sperling

I recently finished racing in the Houston NOOD on a Catalina 22, but I own a Capri 22. I am wondering if there is a Capri 22 owners assn. The Yacht Club I am a member of has mainly Calatlina 22's and I would like to get some other Capri 22's out on the water for these bigger events. In this forum I read some information on the number of Capri 25's that were built. Does anyone have that information on the Capri 22 class. Maybe even a little history as to why the boat was made. ie: Was it to compete with the ever popular J-22?

ed rosen

capri 22

finding capri 22 owners has been like finding needles in a haystack. yet, there are five 22's on my river and bay i sail on, threeof which i discovered only this past weekend. perhaps you can expand this to a capri 22 association similar to catalina 22 groups. i cAn be contacted at: just on this site, which i found out about from another 22 owner and forum contributor, could be the beginning. take care, ed

Dave Hoffet

Can't find one

Living near Lake Norman, NC. Catalina's all around, no Capri's? Why is this?
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