Capri 16.5 Rudder & Keel vibration problems

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Mikell Becker

Is anyone else experiencing rudder and/or keel vibration problems with the 16.5? The boat accelerates quite rapidly and then seems to reach a barrier point beyond which it cannot go. I am wondering if the keel or rudder are stalling? Anyone know about more technical sail control add-ons? How about a traveller? or spinnaker?

vibration on C-18

I noticed vibrations of my "18" rudder. The boat needs lots of wind anyway (rare commodity on Chesapeake)so I did not worry. May be inherent problem for Capri's

Ray Sacks

Survey of Capri 16.5

I am planning to buy a 16.5 next spring to use in New Jersey. I would like your opinion regarding stability. How far can you push it before you flip. I have owned a Flying Scot which is heavy and quite sea worthy. Thanks for helping.
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