Can I remove companionway rails on catalina 27?

Jan 19, 2019
Catalina 27 Vancouver
Does anyone know if I can remove the companionway rails (wood on eaith side of teh hatch cover) or do I need to tape it and re-varnish it in place? There is some sailling harware attached to it so I am hesitant to touch it without know if it's a good idea or not. Theres no nuts on the inside so I assume it is screwed directly into the fibreglass?


Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
If you are sure it is not thru-bolted, you can probably take the screws out...but be aware that it might also be held in place with some sealant or adhesive. Prying them off could damage be careful.

Also, it looks like you can see the screw heads...if not, you would have to drill out the plugs. I had to do that on my O’Day 322 to remove the rails. But yours looks to be in 2 pieces (an outside 1/4 round) that I don’t see screws in...not sure how that piece is held in...if it is in 2 pieces, that one will be very fragile. And if any of the wood (teak) is rotted, you may be replacing it.

I finally got tired of messing with the teak (I would rather be out sailing), so removed the teak, replaced with plastic boards, and refinished my companionway doors over the winter...
159D63CA-8E38-4C37-B9AA-C2B0AB27A131.jpeg F8EA6AD6-D79C-42DF-9A08-7EF18AFBF261.jpeg D0DB38B1-CC68-4475-AD91-65091A9A7A16.jpeg

I like the look of the tinted plexiglas washboards, but the convenience of the opening doors is hard to beat.

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